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Surkus matches brands with people to create highly engaged crowds.

Crowd Curation

Using our own advanced algorithms, we can match and connect your business with your ideal crowd – they meet your requirements and have shown interest in your type of event or venue.


Surkus can deliver people to your event, even at the last moment. We can send out a last-minute event request to our members based on their exact geolocation in proximity to your venue.

Measurable ROI

With Surkus, businesses can connect with the consumers they want the most, shifting traditional, unaccountable marketing dollars to directly acquiring an on-brand crowd.

Who We Work With

Event Industry
Live Venues
Digital Activations

Event Industry

Brand Activations | Product Launches | Festivals

We work with event professionals to build crowd solutions that matter most. Using crowd-curating algorithms, we will target the exact on-brand crowd you're looking for – whether that's a crowd of 1 or 1,000.

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Nightclubs | Bars & Lounges | Restaurants

We work with some of the biggest nightlife and restaurant groups in the world. Whether you need a few atmosphere models or a crowd of hundreds, we'll fulfill your request, even at the last moment.

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Live Venues

Sports | Concerts | Performances

We know every unsold seat costs you more than its ticket price. Using our interest-based algorithms, we'll fill those seats with fans – even two hours before opening pitch.

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Digital Activations

Product Testing & Reviews | App Downloads | Influencer Campaigns

We do more than deliver crowds to live events. Use our hyper-targeted functionality to run influencer campaigns, product tests and user acquisition.

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Background Extras | Brand Ambassadors | Promo Models

Surkus was born in the heart of Hollywood, so we understand casting challenges. Our technology will send out last-minute casting requests to our dynamic member base and is a more cost-effective solution.

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How Surkus Works

Our platform makes setting up your event easy. Just tell us about your event, and we'll match you to your ideal, highly engaged crowd.

1. Sources

Tell us about your event.

You let us know your target audience, number of attendees, and desired outcomes – like posting on social media or a crowd that stays for two hours.

2. Matches

We match you with people who want to go.

Our proprietary algorithms do all the work to find you a crowd that meets your requirements and is interested in your event.

3. Connects

We get those people to your event.

We deliver your ideal crowd that shows up on time, participates throughout, and stays as long as you need them to.

4. Reports

You get detailed feedback from attendees.

We'll send you a post-event report that provides unique insights into your attendees, how long they stayed, and their review of your event.

Crowds Delivered
Social Influencers

Surkus Technology

Between our client platform and member app, our technology makes running your event seamless from start to finish.

Client Platform

Manage your event from anywhere.

The Surkus client platform lets you oversee your event from start to finish. Sign in to add a new experience, approve an event, or view your post-event report.

Member App

Connect with our 500K+ network of members.

The Surkus app allows us to invite members to events, know when they arrive, and when they leave. The app reports their event engagement and allows communication with people before, during, and after the event.