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Surkus connects people to the brands and events tailored to their interests.

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Surkus makes every experience a success.

Using unique technology, the Surkus platform curates a targeted group of tastemakers for client events - whether that be nightlife, comedy shows, classes, product launches or a digital campaign. In turn, Surkus members are invited to explore and discover these new experiences, with invitations tailored just for them.

Surkus reports on engagement and allows communication between clients and members before, during and after the campaign.

Who We Work With

Ticketed Events
Digital Activations


Brand Activations | Product Launches | Festivals

We work with event professionals to build highly engaged experiences. Using our proprietary technology, we target your ideal audience - whether its an audience of 1 or 1,000.

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Nightclubs | Bars & Lounges | Restaurants

We work with some of the biggest nightlife and restaurant groups in the world. Whether you need atmosphere models or an audience of hundreds to create the atmosphere, we'll fill your venue in minutes or hours.

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Ticketed Events

Sports | Concerts | Performances

We know every unsold seat costs you more than just its ticket price. Using our targeted audience platform, we can increase ticket sales and fill those seats with fans - even hours before start time.

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Digital Activations

Product Testing & Reviews | App Downloads | Influencer Campaigns

We do more than deliver people to events. Use our targeted audience engagement platform to run influencer campaigns, test/review new products and drive digital user acquisition.

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Background Extras | Brand Ambassadors | Promo Models

Surkus was born in the heart of Hollywood, so we understand casting challenges. Our platform can handle, screening, casting, paying and communicating to large audience interested in the job.

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How Surkus Works For Clients

Our platform makes setting up your event easy. Just tell us about your event or campaign, and we'll target you to your ideal, highly engaged audience.

Tell us about your event.

You let us know your target audience, number of attendees, and desired outcomes – like posting on social media or filling out a survey.

We match you with people who want to go.

Our proprietary algorithms do all the work to find your audience who are interested in your event.

We get those people to your event.

We deliver your ideal audience that shows up on time, participates throughout, and stays as long as you need them to.

You get detailed feedback from attendees.

We provide unique insights & analytics into who attended, their engagement, and their review of your event.

Social Influencers

Surkus Technology

Between our client platform and member app, our technology makes running your event or campaign seamless from start to finish.

Client Platform

Manage your event.

The Surkus client platform lets you oversee your event from start to finish. Sign in to add a new experience, approve and modify the event and view post-event analytics.

Member App

Connect with the 1000+ brands and businesses that use the Surkus platform.

Surkus allows members the chance to discover experiences and companies that align with their interests through exclusive events and offers.